Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 5

Whoo Hoo!!! Today was the day! We took our first flying lesson in an ultra light glider. It was beyond description. We absolutely loved, loved, loved it! It was a little scary at first. We had to sign papers saying no matter what happened, no matter whose fault it is, you can not sue them. It also said it can result in death. Makes you stop and think, "Am I crazy?" Also it is a little scary taking off, bumpy and very fast. But we quickly became comfortable with the entire process and even began flying ourselves.

The view was of course, spectacular. We went over the mountains, up to 8,000 feet and then swooped down to the ocean. It was very cold above the clouds, but fun. We even created a rainbow in the clouds with our shadow in the middle of it. My favorite thing to do. We saw waterfalls, whales and the set of Lost. it was wonderful flying like a bird. I would love to do it again. I am the one in the pictures with my legs dangling, and Jim is usually doing the flying on his slideshow. You can see when we flew side by side.

After our flight we went to a soap factory the pilot told me about. Homemade soaps using Hawaiian oils and fragrances. I bought both soaps and oils. Really great stuff. Then we went to eat Haleiwa Joes( also recommended by Denise), a wonderful restaurant on the harbor with the best coconut shrimp. It was very reasonable and everything on the menu looked great. We will go back again before we leave.

The afternoon was spent on the beach where we laid out, swam and snorkled. We saw lots of fish, but the weren't very big. A good variety though.

For dinner we decided for another romantic dinner at Ola's on the beach. They had a musical group singing that were great. The music, the tropical breeze and the food were the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Day 4

Another gorgeous day in paradise. No walk today, we are going whale watching. We get up early and travel about a half hour to Haleiwa to get on a catamaran to head out for a whale watching trip. It is skippered by two young guys in holey T-Shirts and hair that doesn’t look like it has been combed in days. They love what they do. It is worth it just for the catamaran ride.

We have great luck with sighting whales. We come across about 3 pods and see many more in the distance. Our favorite was a mother, baby and escort who were very curious about us. We turned the engine off and just floated. They came closer and closer, less than 75 feet away. The entertained us for quite a while with tail wags and flipper waves. We could see them very easily. It was a great trip.

On the way home we stopped for lunch at a shrimp shack. It was called Romy’s. It was really good. We ordered the sweet and spicy. It came with shrimp and rice. The shrimp farm was right beside the shack. You had to peel them yourself and with the sauce it was messy, but worth the effort.

I was a little queasy before the whale trip so I took a Dramamine, big mistake since I never get sea sick. All it did was make me extremely tired after the trip was over. This made the afternoon nap time. I totally crashed. It did feel good.

To tired or too lazy to get dressed so we had room service tonight.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 3

Wow! I really love sunrises! Who knew! Started with a gigantic walk with Jim. We started along the beach, went up through a forested area with windows opening to the ocean and then the golf course. About 5 miles altogether. I didn't know I could walk so long. It is so pretty at this time of day. Quiet and peaceful. We don't see hardly any other people, it is like we are here by ourselves.
After the walk we are starving so sweaty and all we go to the Palm Terrace for breakfast. This is a restaurant on the terrace overlooking the pool and beach. I had french toast with macadamia nut butter. So delicious. I need to do this again.
We were back at the beach by 10:00 and will spend most of the day here. Snorkeling, swimming, reading, sleeping and trying not to get sunburned. If I was a millionaire this is how I would spend my entire life. I don't think it would ever get boring.

I had to leave at 2:30 because I have a spa appointment. Yeah! I am having a massage. One of my favorite things. 2 hours of pure bliss. The massage was wonderful, I think I was in a trance. So completely relaxed. I followed it with the steam room and left fully relaxed, softened and rejuvenated. Why don't I do this more often?
For dinner we went to the fancy restaurant 21 degrees. It was so good. I had fish, Jim had lamb. Again, it was out of this world. Really an elegant top notch setting with impeccable service and amazing food. Couldn't have enjoyed it more.

Went to bed with the doors open listening to the sounds of the surf.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 2

I love, love, love waking up to the sound of the ocean. I lift my head and the sun is just rising and I can see waves from the bed. Heavenly! First thing of the day is a long walk, along the beach. The sun is barely up, I don't think I have ever walked at this time of day. It was beautiful. I walked for over an hour. Jim went east and I went west. My walk was both along the water, by the golf course and exploring the property. Fun but worked up a hunger.

When we got back we decided we need to go on a fresh fruit run so we drove a few miles to a little stand and returned with fresh apple bananas, papaya and some weird fruit that I have no idea what it is. Also stopped at the market for water and juice. The hotel charges $3.50 for a small bottle of water, not going to pay that! On the way back we stopped at Pipeline for a while. There was a body boarding contest going on, really a big deal, some big championship tournament with the top body boarding surfers in the world competing. Kind of our version of the Olympics. Fun to watch.

After we got home (yes it is feeling like home) we changed and went to the beach. Since we start at 6:30, it is still only 10:30. We found our spot under an umbrella and this is where we will spend the day. For Jim snorkeling and swimming, for me reading and getting my feet wet. I will snorkel but not today. I love my new Kindle and love reading. It is slow reading because I keep stopping to look at the scenery. I just want to take it all in and remember it.

Once again we watched the sunset, waiting for the green flash but no green flash today. Sometimes if it is really clear in Hawaii right before the sun sets at the last minute there will be a green flash before the sun completely disappears. Not clear enough today, still a few clouds.

While waiting for the sunset we watched some surfers being towed by a jet ski out to the huge waves. There were two of them with the jet skis and it really made a difference in the rides they caught. The waves were enormous and the rides like something you would see in a movie. It was just awesome. I loved watching them in the tube. I wish I could still surf. I should never have stopped. It is sad to think of the things I could have kept doing if I would have tried a little harder. I was just so busy with babies many things took a back seat and now my balance is so bad I can hardly walk on rocks. We staying until dark, loving every minute of it.
Decided to do room service tonight and go to bed early.

Day 1

Woke up at the crack of dawn, but not to worry I packed last night and just need to shower and get dressed. Mike will be here at 7:00 to take us to the airport. I think I have everything. Can't wait to get on that plane to Hawaii. We will be staying at Turtle Bay on the North Shore, think I will like it.

Oh my, I nearly froze on the plane. Here we are heading to the tropics and it must have been 40 degrees in that plane. I had 3 of their wimpy blankets, long sleeve shirt and a sweater and was still cold! It was fantastic getting off. Warm breezes at last.

After getting the car we headed out to the North Shore and stopped by the Dole Pineapple Plantation, really just a big tourist trap, but time for a pineapple smoothie and some coconut-mac cookies. You could spend a fortune in this place, everything you can imagine from food that has pineapple somewhere in it to every trinket that could be possibly identified as Hawaiian (many made in China) is here. You also have to fight the bus loads of people from the tours, but we kind of like it.

We took our time and stopped at some of the beaches to enjoy the big surf. It was so beautiful. I feel the stress falling away.
We checked in and love it here. It is just magnicificant!

We spent the afternoon walking around, sitting on the edge of water and watching the sunset. So beautiful. I really think Hawaiian sunsets are the very best.

For Dinner we walked to a restaurant on the sand, open walls so nothing is between you and the ocean called Ola. The food was absolutely fantastic. Both of us almost licked our plates clean. We will go back there again!