Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 3

Wow! I really love sunrises! Who knew! Started with a gigantic walk with Jim. We started along the beach, went up through a forested area with windows opening to the ocean and then the golf course. About 5 miles altogether. I didn't know I could walk so long. It is so pretty at this time of day. Quiet and peaceful. We don't see hardly any other people, it is like we are here by ourselves.
After the walk we are starving so sweaty and all we go to the Palm Terrace for breakfast. This is a restaurant on the terrace overlooking the pool and beach. I had french toast with macadamia nut butter. So delicious. I need to do this again.
We were back at the beach by 10:00 and will spend most of the day here. Snorkeling, swimming, reading, sleeping and trying not to get sunburned. If I was a millionaire this is how I would spend my entire life. I don't think it would ever get boring.

I had to leave at 2:30 because I have a spa appointment. Yeah! I am having a massage. One of my favorite things. 2 hours of pure bliss. The massage was wonderful, I think I was in a trance. So completely relaxed. I followed it with the steam room and left fully relaxed, softened and rejuvenated. Why don't I do this more often?
For dinner we went to the fancy restaurant 21 degrees. It was so good. I had fish, Jim had lamb. Again, it was out of this world. Really an elegant top notch setting with impeccable service and amazing food. Couldn't have enjoyed it more.

Went to bed with the doors open listening to the sounds of the surf.


Shelli said...

Heaven! I'm glad you're sharing it with us so we can live vicariously.

Amanda said...

i totally agree with shelli! looks fabulous. i'm so glad you guys are having so much fun

Shelli said...

Hey, I heard there's a tsunami coming your way. Be safe!