Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday Fun with Jim and Ginger

This is a new addition to the blog. We decided to discover and do all the fun things San Diego County has to offer. We will then share it with you. Kind of like a personal travel log. Then when you come here, you will have great things to do also. This is the first thing we decided to do.

OK! OK! I know this is a cop-out but is still in the 90's here and it still feels like summer. Why hike, sweat or drive when you can just do this? My idea of a perfect Friday!

The big gulp is waiting by my towel!

Betty Boop

It is amazing and kind of funny but one of my favorite blessings is Betty Boop. As much as I like her, it is nothing compared to Jim. It was his job to train her, well she still won't come when you call her unless she wants to. Instead of sitting to get a treat, he encourages her to "dance". And worst of all, she spends a large amount of time in his lap when he is watching TV. As you can see she brings him 'Woodstock' her favorite toy. It is funny but she knows not to try all that with me.

However, untrained as she is, she is the sweetest dog we have ever had. She is so gentle with the babies and loves the older kids. She is also very sensitive to my moods. After my surgery she just laid at my feet and was there to comfort me. When I am upset she tries and succeeds in making me laugh. Always the clown but never the fool. Overall, she has added a great amount of joy to our lives.

One of Jim's favorite TV shows is the Dog Whisperer. He was watching a show that used the swimming pool to train the dog. He would hold the dog in his arms and support the dog until it relaxed and grew comfortable in the water. So Jim took Betty Boop to the pool. She was fine as long as he held her, but panicked when he let go. Mostly he just held her and she had a good time. Then he set her on the deck, she shook off the water a few times and started running all over the yard. By the time we came up to the house she was full of dirt and who knows what else. The biggest problem was her beautiful long hair was now full of mats. We tried to get them out, but no luck. She had to go to the groomer and get a hair cut. So sad, they had to cut her underhair but left the upper so she still has her long hair, it is just not as thick.

Crazy Week!

Oh what a crazy week! I didn't even have time to read the blogs, so I am just getting caught up. First, I have work again!!! Yeah, that is the good news! I have an offer on the house that fell out of escrow. This one looks good. We have inspections today so I am hoping all is well. So I have been spending days on paperwork and putting this deal together. It took 4 counters but I did it. Then I had a buyer who wanted not one but two investment properties. Very nice! But of course that takes up all your time. Looking at really ugly houses that stink is not too glamorous.

It was time to turn my car back in, the lease was up. I would have bought it but they wanted way more than it was worth. So we had to go car shopping. I bought a Lexus ES350. Then I had to get to know all about the new car. I actually spent 3 hours just getting my phonebook set up. But it is worth it. Now I just punch the button on the steering wheel and can call anyone I want. It also has the navigation system like my last car, but this is better because it is voice activated. Gone are the days when I drove with a big gulp in one hand, my phone tucked under chin and taking notes on a pad with the other hand. Sometimes that made my clients nervous. Wimps!
This is my favorite part on the car ...............

And of course my nights were captivated by the convention. I watched every minute I could of both the Democrat and Republican conventions. I just loved this one! Stupid reporters! Never underestimate a woman! I love a good gotcha and with the idiotic questions they asked Sarah Palin, I thought it was perfect she turned out to be such a great speaker. When all the debate was going on about how she would ever be able to speak at such an important event, I told Jim; I could do it! No problem! When you raise children, you can do anything!