Saturday, November 1, 2008

How we are spending our time!

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We have been busy as you can see working on Prop 8. We have been holding signs at street intersections. Most of the response has been positive - lots of horns honking in support - lots of thumbs up and waving. However there has been the occasional flipping off and a few vulgar remarks. Most of the nasty remarks can't be heard above the cars honking so don't really know what they were saying. Just guessing that with the uplifted finger it probably wasn't nice. There are groups at lots of street corners so we are getting great coverage. At one of the corners during the middle of the day a group of Mom's were waving their signs. A car came by and the guy in the passenger seat was mooning them. Just as they got to the green light it changed to red and they were stuck there for about 2 minutes. It must have seemed a lifetime to that hairy, pimply butt. Too bad they didn't get a face to go with the butt.

Saturday will be spent door hanging and Sunday and Monday will be telephoning to remind people to vote. We sure will be glad when this is over. At least we know we did all we could to make it happen, no matter the outcome.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fridays with Ginger

This Friday, I discovered a new fun thing to do! It is the October Harvest Craft Festival!! It is in Del Mar at the fairgrounds. It was amazing, it has been going on for years and I didn't even know about it! It takes up several buildings (the Bing Crosby Hall, etc.) It is filled with thousands of booths. This is not Jim's thing - he pretends he likes it, but gets bored after a few booths that seem the same to him and wants me to hurry up, anyway since he is dieting he can't eat all the free samples. So I went with some friends and left him home.
Every kind of crafty thing you can imagine is there. I tried to take pics but my camera said it was protected and locked. How did that happen? If anyone knows how to free it, let me know, I would hate to have to buy another one of those little card thing-es. So I could only take one picture on my cell phone since I can't figure that out either.

But back to the fair. I was delighted with all the different things to buy. It took so much self control to just limit myself with so many choices before me. I settled on: A really cute Christmas shirt with matching earrings. Some fabulous, fantastic scrub ( mine is 'Sex on the Beach' and 'Waterfall Mist' - yes I bought 2), it is a overall body scrub, but really, really good for feet and hands. I also bought a hanging potpourri decoration, but it stank so bad I had to hang it in the garage until the smell goes away. It is still a cute hanging thing. Then I bought some special dips for the holidays, or whenever I get a craving. That was it - great self control!
Too bad this only comes along once a year. I will absolutely never miss it again!