Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yummy for the Tummy

I am saving the brownie recipe below so if you haven't tried it yet, it is still available. Look to the side bar for the recipe update. The new recipe is so good and a great substitute for pumpkin pie. Try it sometime this month, it will put you in the thanksgiving spirit.

Double Chocolate Brownies

Calling all Chocolate Lovers! This is soooo easy to make and soooo delicious!
1 box of brownie mix3 extra large Hershey Bars
Prepare a box of fudge brownies according to directions.
Pour have the mixture in a 9X13 pan (grease bottom).
Lay 3 of those giant Hershey Bars on the mix.
Pour the rest of brownie mixture over the candy.
Bake according to directions. Cool completely before cutting.
Frosting not needed, but if you want to eat with a spoon instead of fingers try it with whipped cream that has a small amount of chopped pecans and grated chocolate folded in.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Prophets and such

This week I am grateful for Prophets and counsel from those who represent Heavenly Father. We have heeded his counsel and put the morality issue of marriage front and center. Now we are feeling the fallout. Our temples and churchs are being picketed. The demonstrators are loud and vulgar. They try to block the temple entrance and some of the members have been frightened and intimidated. Sunday we were told to be prepared for agressive demonstrators, an organized effort was taking place, they would protest outside and try to disrupt the services.

We had security in place at all the buildings and at the temple. About 4:00 am we experienced a weather change. It started with a strong wind and was followed by sprinkles. By 9:00 it was pouring. Not a gentle rain, but a downpour; freezing windblown rain that made you hurry to get out of it. Umbrellas couldn't keep you dry. The result? No protestors.

As I drove up to my 'before church meetings' I noticed what had happened and thought back to the early days in Salt Lake City. The Mormon pioneers had just gotten their crops in the ground and they were starting to sprout. This was all that stood between them and starvation next winter. Crickets came in droves and was destroying the crops. The pioneers prayed and asked the Lord for help. His answer was to send Sea Gulls, by the thousands. The skies were darkened by the number of birds. The gulls ate the crickets. They ate and ate. They actually threw up and ate again. They continued until all the crickets were gone. The food supply was saved.

Sometimes the Lord sends Sea Gulls and sometimes he sends rain. Sometimes he sends crickets which became a tremendous faith promoting experience for those pioneers. Today as in yesterdays he is always aware and looking out for those who love and serve him. We really have nothing to fear.