Thursday, March 15, 2012

I seem to be growing!

Yes, it's scary but jeans are getting tight. I don't quite know how it happened but my fat jeans are begining to squeeze a little. The problem is I refuse to buy a new size. That means if I don't get serious I am going to split out the fanny of a couple of pairs of pants and that could get a little embarrasing. So the big question is...Why am I mad that Jim didn't bring me home some M&M's.

Just can't figure it out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Back

I have decided I miss not having a personal blog. It seems with Facebook my blog is getting lost in the daily noise. However, I think a blog is a great history of what is happening in my life. So I have decided to try to post here a little more often.

Our lives haven't changed too much, we are still happy and healthy and working as much as we can. That isn't going to change in the near future. I really can't see us retiring anytime soon. We need to work for financial reasons, it seems our little nest egg was destroyed in the last financial crisis and of course our house is worth about what we owe on it. So we continue on.

Spring is almost here and I can't wait. I am feeling the need to do some redecorating. If I can just find the time.