Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fridays with Jim and Ginger

This Friday we decided to do something a little different. The new Sprinter, a fast rail transit system, just opened up in Escondido. It goes from Escondido to Oceanside. It is only a very short drive from our house. So we decided to take the Sprinter and go to Oceanside to walk out on the pier.

For only $2.00 we were able to purchase a round trip ticket. As we were boarding I noticed that some of the passengers were a little iffy. One was obviously a homeless woman and a couple of others looked like they had been working in the fields for a day. I don't think I would like to ride it during rush hour. But for the most part, it wasn't too busy and we had good seats going forward not backwards (important for me). It was fun seeing the backside of buildings. Boy, do some people have a mess behind their houses! It did take an hour with all the stops compared to the half hour it would have taken to drive. But it was very relaxing and gave me a chance to talk with Jim.

When we got to Oceanside we were just a few blocks from the pier so we walked to the pier. If was a beautiful day, warm but with billowy clouds and the sun starting to set. I love the smell of the ocean and the cool breeze. As we started walking out the pier we realized that there was a surfing competition going on. So we stopped and watched the surfers for awhile. We you are on the pier you are even with them on the water and can really get a good look.

There was quite a few people fishing. It looked like a good day, most were catching fish. I think I would have thrown some of the small ones back, but all the fishermen seemed to be keeping them. Not worth the cleaning to me.

At the end of the pier is Ruby's Diner. We had cheeseburgers, onion rings and old fashioned milk shakes. It was soooooo good! Probably the best cheeseburger I have had in a long time (yes, it was better than In-n-Out) and the shake was it's equal. As we were finishing up the waitress kept walking by with banana splits, hot fudge sundaes and all kinds of fantastic goodies. But we decided to be good, since we already blew 2 days calorie allowance and decline. So we are going to have to go back just for dessert.

The trip home was after dark so not as much fun. I think the first seat I sat in had a previous problem since there was sawdust on the floor. We moved to new seating and the rest of the trip was fine. A fun trip, we'll do it again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I drove by Talones. Talones is a meat market near the railroad tracks in an industrial area of Escondido. Talones has been there ever since I can remember. It doesn't smell the same. When I was a child Talones was also a slaughter house. Obviously they had the freshest meat, so it was a popular place to shop. Now it is just a meat market with signs in the window in Spanish. I didn't go in.

My grandfather, John Ulrich was a butcher. He started at the Piggly Wiggly and when they went out of business he moved to Talones. My mother never had to make a decision about which piece of meat to select, she just told Gramps what she wanted. "Round steak today and a beef roast, along with a 3 lbs of hamburger." He would then put the round steak through the tenderizer (did you know you can have the butcher at the meat counter do this today?) which would eliminate the need to pound the round steak. He would select the very best cut of roast, guaranteed to be tender and flavorful. And the hamburger was always pink and wrapped up carefully.

She always took the kids with her to Talones. It was always on a Saturday. We loved to go to Talones. As we got out of the car you could hear the cows mooing. What fun! Sometimes they were in their pens outside and we got to see them, even better. And the smell......oh, I loved the smell. It smelled just like wieners! Yep, that's right wieners!

After Gramps had finished wrapping up Mother's purchase he would reach into the chilled meat display and from the large tray of stacked wieners grab a few. He would then turn to us and hand each one of us a raw wiener. You would have thought it was a Popsicle we were so excited. We would stand looking at the other customers with pride, no one else was munching on a wiener! Obviously we were very special. With boisterous goodbys I would clutch my treasure and munch my way back to the car. I loved Talones. I still like raw weiners.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday Fun with Jim and Ginger

Well, this Friday was a little off track. But it couldn't have been more enjoyable! We had a visit from Tony, Lauri, Hannah, Bailey, Grace, Ethan. Tony and Lauri went to see Eric in a play so I had a slumber party with the kids. Hannah called Anneli to come join her. Eberly was at a soccer game and couldn't make it (we missed you). Kyara drove Anneli here and when she came in asked, "room for two more?" Of course, so Kyara and Rommers stayed for the night as well.

We had a great time eating, watching TV and swimming. I thought it was cold but that didn't stop them from having a ball. Of course, Bailey was absolutely perfect the entire weekend. Lots of laughter and lots of fun.

Then the best time of all: Lauri taught me how to do blogs! I think I can make the backgrounds and headers now. We'll see, I haven't had time to practice but soon I will do it. So Fridays can be fun even at home.

Grammy's Slumber Party