Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Shower

I had a fun baby shower for Nicole Dunn last night. She just adopted a little girl and so I offered my house to host it. No problem. Unfortunately the person who was going to do games, couldn't come. Only one person who was to bring refreshments sent them. Lucky for me I always worry about these things and sent Jim to Costco for a big cake. I thought it would be for backup, but thank heavens it was here or we would have had no games and no refreshments. Crazy. It was a good turnout, about 35 people showed up and she was very appreciative. I was glad to do it, but hate it when someone says they will do something and then blows you off. I would rather just do it all myself and know I won't have any last minute surprises.

I did buy a really cute water dispenser for it that I will get lots of use out of. Unfortunately, I called Pier One and asked if they had any water dispensers and was told they one had a ceramic lemonade one. Sounded like it would work, asked how much. She said $15.00 so I told the girl to put it by the cash register and I would send Jim down. He went and it was cute, very happy, until he said, "Do you know how much this thing cost?" I told him $15.00. No the girl was $50.00!!!! I would never have bought it if I had a clue. But too late now, they don't do returns and it is really cute. What a pity.