Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Friend Jack

Years ago I became acquainted with what I would call a great man. There are many things that make him great, but the one that stands out the most is his service during the Vietnam war. Jack Rollins was a POW for 6 years. His suffering was unimaginable and yet he has been able to forgive his oppressors. Having close contact with him over the years has taught me many lessons; one of the most important is not to obsess over little things that don't really matter. Jack has little tolerance for petty things. He has more integrity than anyone I know and you will never wonder where he stands on an issue. His honesty is complete and total. I marvel that instead of becoming bitter and resentful of his experiences he sees them as a valuable step to becoming the person he is today. You will never hear the words, "Why me?" come out of his mouth. He considers trials as stepping stones to personal progress. He is currently serving as a sealer (performs marriages) at the San Diego Temple. Most interesting of all, he was John McCain's roommate. He did an interview with 2 other POW's on Channel 8 TV today. Take a few minutes and watch the video. It will make you grateful for the sacrifice of others for our country. My life has been blessed because I know Jack.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What's New!

Just thought I would point out the new recipe on the sidebar. This is a great recipe that brings back memories of my childhood. My sister Terry sent it. It is kind of like a lava cake when served warm, but also yummy when cold. You can't go wrong with it.

Also I have put together a new blog for our Relief Society. Lauri did the cute design for it. I am quite excited about it and think it will be a good way to stay in touch with all the Relief Society sisters. Check it out at www.societystuff.blogspot.com it really is good (even if I do say so myself).

We had a fun weekend with Tony and Lauri. They brought Hannah, Grace, Bailey and Ethan. Ethan is a real tank. He is both tall and solid. I don't know how Lauri carries him all day. I think I would have to put him on a blanket and drag him from room to room. The girls were great and it was fun to spend some time with Lauri. She taught me how to do blog backgrounds so I am going to try to change mine to a different theme. Hopefully I can remember what's what.

Jim talked to Julie today. The hurricane went right over her house, but it is OK. At least that is the report she got. Reed is in Virginia at school for the Coast Guard and can't come home. She had to do the evacuation all by herself. Fortunately, Conrad is a lot like his Dad and was able to organize the evacuation. This is the second time they had to evacuate, the last time it was Reed and Conrad (Julie was in Utah), this time it was Julianne and Conrad. The damage to the town, roads etc. is so bad she will have to stay at the hotel in Tyler, TX for about 30 more days. How would you like that? Fun the first day, but a little too cozy after a short while. Her life is completely upside down. But at least the house is safe and most of all they are out of harm's way. Let's all pray for an end to Texas hurricanes.