Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Friend Jack

Years ago I became acquainted with what I would call a great man. There are many things that make him great, but the one that stands out the most is his service during the Vietnam war. Jack Rollins was a POW for 6 years. His suffering was unimaginable and yet he has been able to forgive his oppressors. Having close contact with him over the years has taught me many lessons; one of the most important is not to obsess over little things that don't really matter. Jack has little tolerance for petty things. He has more integrity than anyone I know and you will never wonder where he stands on an issue. His honesty is complete and total. I marvel that instead of becoming bitter and resentful of his experiences he sees them as a valuable step to becoming the person he is today. You will never hear the words, "Why me?" come out of his mouth. He considers trials as stepping stones to personal progress. He is currently serving as a sealer (performs marriages) at the San Diego Temple. Most interesting of all, he was John McCain's roommate. He did an interview with 2 other POW's on Channel 8 TV today. Take a few minutes and watch the video. It will make you grateful for the sacrifice of others for our country. My life has been blessed because I know Jack.



It is humbling to see such great men talk about their sacrifices. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories. It certainly helps us realize how important it is to support our troops. People like Hanoi Jane should be ashamed of themselves. What a stark contrast between those heroes who sacrificed all and those traitors who made their lives more miserable. And those men did it for ALL of our freedom. America truly is the freest nation on earth!

goingsome said...

WOW! What a humbling video, yet inspirational. Thanks to good men and women who are in harms way, we are able to live free. I would like the media to share more of this, for the younger generations. I think it is so important to share where we have been as a country, in order to realize where we are going. Thanks for sharing.