Friday, May 14, 2010

Prayer Works!

I have had an amazing few weeks. I don't know when I have been more grateful for what I have than right now. I spent lots and lots of hours with ladies from our Relief Society who have been going though some rough stuff. First my dear friend Billye has bone cancer. She went through a stem cell transplant where they killed everything in her and put new stem cells into her. It was a terrifying ordeal, but she is finally starting to improve. Next was Raquel, who has already had cancer 3 times and just discovered it is back and her intestines had to be removed. It has been a slow and very difficult recovery but she is finally begining to come out of it. Then Joan is fighting breast cancer, COPD and heart problems. She no longer can live alone and it is really difficult trying to figure out what is next. We spent several weeks in sincere prayer on the behalf of each of these wonderful women. Our entire Relief Society both fasted and prayed for them and the results are truly amazing. I never doubt that prayer will work, but I love when the results are so obvious.

These are only a few of the problems I see right now. Also numerous friends are unable to find jobs, are dealing with problem kids and so much more. I also had another funeral this week. Bottom line is, I am not as tolerant of the complainers. I recognise how lucky I am to be healthy and happy. Even though I want to pull out my hair with some of my clients, at least I have a job. And as for family, no one has more to appreciate than I do. They are the very best. It's rare to belong to a family that loves one another as much as we do. My heart is full of gratitute and I don't take it for granted.