Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time is ticking on.

I didn't realize it has been so long since I posted. Don't have a lot of time now, but though I would leave a short message. I have been crazy busy at work. Not in a good way. Dealing with idiots! It is just one thing after another and I am so behind in everything because of it. I spent an entire week fighting with an agent who didn't like the way the bathroom shower tile was repaired. It was non-stop, numerous emails every day(insulting my buyer and questioning my integrity). She wanted $10,000 or the shower to be torn out and redone. That was so ridiculous. Finally I went back over to the house to see if I missed something. I looked and looked but it looked perfect to me. As I was leaving I noticed under the soap container some something that did look like a bad repair job, (the repair was at the other end of the shower), I touched it and it was soap scum. Cleaned it off in 2 minutes. Yeah, that was what they were bitching about! Soap Scum! My week was destroyed because of soap scum!!! Can you say irritated? Beyond belief! Just one thing after another. I have another bad week then it should calm down. At least something is closing. I will try to stay in touch. I really love the blogs and it is more personal than Facebook, which I haven't really mastered yet. It seems I get too much junk in it to spend a lot of time with it.