Friday, July 16, 2010

Just keeping cool!

I don't know why I keep forgeting to post. I love having the blog and it is kind of a way to keep a journal for me. Now you know why I don't have a journal, I write once or twice and forget to stay with it. It is finally hot here. Way too hot, actually, but I prefer it to the cold. I am spending all my time working and doing Relief Society stuff. Work has been good, I am very busy and trying to get my website updated and also put together a facebook fan page. I am trying to find someone to pay to do the fan page, I just can't get it. I know it can be done, but I am clueless. When I finish everyone has to friend me on it so I can put extra stuff on it. Hopefully the guy I found on the internet will know what he's doing.

My big RS project is cleaning out Joan's house. She is an older lady who has gone to New Jersey to live with her niece. She is also a hoarder. We are having to completely empty it. What a nightmare! But in two more weeks it should be finished.