Monday, October 25, 2010

I love Sundays

I had a great Sunday. We went to church with Mike and Suzann and watched their Primary Program. It is always so much fun. All of the kids knew their parts and even all the words to the songs. Really fun.

Next, instead of going to our Primary Program I went to the hospital to see Mom. She is in for a 5th heart attack! She looked very frail and weak. I had to push my chair very close to her to be able to hear what she was saying. I think she is going to be OK, but she is definitely going down hill. She is 84 now. I guess that's old, but I expect to live to 115 so it still seems young to me. I don't think we will have too many more years with her now. She was very sweet. It is sad we have not had much contact in my adult years. I do not resent that since she was a very good mother to me as a child. I would have enjoyed an adult relationship, but she gave me what I needed when I needed it, so I am at peace with our relationship.

Then I went back to church in time for the last two hours. It was excellent and I was glad I was there. It was on the atonement of Jesus and gave me some new thoughts to ponder. Best of all 2 people asked if I had lost more weight. No, I am just an optical illusion!

Ended my day with a big nap and some TV watching, followed by the best candy bar ever! Perfect Day!