Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Double Chocolate Brownies

Calling all Chocolate Lovers! This is soooo easy to make and soooo delicious!
1 box of brownie mix3 extra large Hershey Bars
Prepare a box of fudge brownies according to directions.
Pour have the mixture in a 9X13 pan (grease bottom).
Lay 3 of those giant Hershey Bars on the mix.
Pour the rest of brownie mixture over the candy.
Bake according to directions. Cool completely before cutting.
Frosting not needed, but if you want to eat with a spoon instead of fingers try it with whipped cream that has a small amount of chopped pecans and grated chocolate folded in.


goingsome said...

Oh Yum! I will have to try that one. So easy, it is right up my alley. Nice!

Weston Family said...

All I can say is that the kids loved the brownies, I could eat one before my blood sugar exploded, and Bruce was so jealous he didn't get one. Hiya Martha!!

Juli said...

Perfect treat for the kids now that I'm home! They will love it.