Saturday, November 1, 2008

How we are spending our time!

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We have been busy as you can see working on Prop 8. We have been holding signs at street intersections. Most of the response has been positive - lots of horns honking in support - lots of thumbs up and waving. However there has been the occasional flipping off and a few vulgar remarks. Most of the nasty remarks can't be heard above the cars honking so don't really know what they were saying. Just guessing that with the uplifted finger it probably wasn't nice. There are groups at lots of street corners so we are getting great coverage. At one of the corners during the middle of the day a group of Mom's were waving their signs. A car came by and the guy in the passenger seat was mooning them. Just as they got to the green light it changed to red and they were stuck there for about 2 minutes. It must have seemed a lifetime to that hairy, pimply butt. Too bad they didn't get a face to go with the butt.

Saturday will be spent door hanging and Sunday and Monday will be telephoning to remind people to vote. We sure will be glad when this is over. At least we know we did all we could to make it happen, no matter the outcome.
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Shelli said...

Oh, I am in the same boat! It is wiping me out. I can't wait for the election to be over. This has been such a mean-spirited campaign on the no side of it. At least we can say we did our best, right?

The Northwest Bunch said...

We can only hope they hearts of the voters will be softened and that the people will be heard. I know that I do not live in California but this vote will carry an impact on the nation. Thank you for doing all that could.

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

My sister called me and said "I just saw your Mother on the street corner." Congratulations on all your effort. I know you have made a difference. I think at the end of all this we have all come away learning a lot.


It is scary to think that this might not win. I hope and pray that it will. I was reading an article the other day that said that CA will set the trend for the whole nation. Hopefully, people will see what is right. You gotta give it to the gay/lesbian activists. They are working so hard to destroy the traditional family and at times it feels like they are winning. Fortunately, they will never have the power that we have around the hearth!

Kricket said...

Haha. The pimply rear end. I bet those fools felt so stupid when they got stuck at the light. I saw the greatest thing the other night - 3 teenagers with yes to prop 8 standing on a corner in San Marcos. I don't even think they were old enough to vote but they were out there screaming their heads off. It was inspiring!