Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy Week!

Oh what a crazy week! I didn't even have time to read the blogs, so I am just getting caught up. First, I have work again!!! Yeah, that is the good news! I have an offer on the house that fell out of escrow. This one looks good. We have inspections today so I am hoping all is well. So I have been spending days on paperwork and putting this deal together. It took 4 counters but I did it. Then I had a buyer who wanted not one but two investment properties. Very nice! But of course that takes up all your time. Looking at really ugly houses that stink is not too glamorous.

It was time to turn my car back in, the lease was up. I would have bought it but they wanted way more than it was worth. So we had to go car shopping. I bought a Lexus ES350. Then I had to get to know all about the new car. I actually spent 3 hours just getting my phonebook set up. But it is worth it. Now I just punch the button on the steering wheel and can call anyone I want. It also has the navigation system like my last car, but this is better because it is voice activated. Gone are the days when I drove with a big gulp in one hand, my phone tucked under chin and taking notes on a pad with the other hand. Sometimes that made my clients nervous. Wimps!
This is my favorite part on the car ...............

And of course my nights were captivated by the convention. I watched every minute I could of both the Democrat and Republican conventions. I just loved this one! Stupid reporters! Never underestimate a woman! I love a good gotcha and with the idiotic questions they asked Sarah Palin, I thought it was perfect she turned out to be such a great speaker. When all the debate was going on about how she would ever be able to speak at such an important event, I told Jim; I could do it! No problem! When you raise children, you can do anything!



Yeah!! I am so glad that your business was picking up. We were worried that we were going to have to take you in. ;-) Your car is beautiful. Congrats. As for Palin, we love her too. I feel like she is real and I love her stance on so many of the issues. She to me is a woman who represents who I am and what I believe!

Shelli said...

Love your new wheels! I'm also glad business is picking up for you. I hope your health is holding up, too. I enjoyed Palin's speech at the convention, but McCain kinda bores me. Too bad it's not the other way around -- I'd get a little more excited!

Vidal's Nest said...

I had to laugh at the jugglin act you have going on with your big gulp,phone, and stuff! Warning though~ It really sucks when you drop the big gulp in the car!
Love your new car!
Palin..Fabulous! She kicked butt responding to all the critism.
So glad your business is picking up a bit. It can be a little scary out there for you realtors!