Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 5

Whoo Hoo!!! Today was the day! We took our first flying lesson in an ultra light glider. It was beyond description. We absolutely loved, loved, loved it! It was a little scary at first. We had to sign papers saying no matter what happened, no matter whose fault it is, you can not sue them. It also said it can result in death. Makes you stop and think, "Am I crazy?" Also it is a little scary taking off, bumpy and very fast. But we quickly became comfortable with the entire process and even began flying ourselves.

The view was of course, spectacular. We went over the mountains, up to 8,000 feet and then swooped down to the ocean. It was very cold above the clouds, but fun. We even created a rainbow in the clouds with our shadow in the middle of it. My favorite thing to do. We saw waterfalls, whales and the set of Lost. it was wonderful flying like a bird. I would love to do it again. I am the one in the pictures with my legs dangling, and Jim is usually doing the flying on his slideshow. You can see when we flew side by side.

After our flight we went to a soap factory the pilot told me about. Homemade soaps using Hawaiian oils and fragrances. I bought both soaps and oils. Really great stuff. Then we went to eat Haleiwa Joes( also recommended by Denise), a wonderful restaurant on the harbor with the best coconut shrimp. It was very reasonable and everything on the menu looked great. We will go back again before we leave.

The afternoon was spent on the beach where we laid out, swam and snorkled. We saw lots of fish, but the weren't very big. A good variety though.

For dinner we decided for another romantic dinner at Ola's on the beach. They had a musical group singing that were great. The music, the tropical breeze and the food were the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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Amanda said...

WOW!! Amazing! what an experience. simply breathtaking. and that's just from the pictures i bet the view from the 'plane' was beyond words. wow!! how fun