Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1

Woke up at the crack of dawn, but not to worry I packed last night and just need to shower and get dressed. Mike will be here at 7:00 to take us to the airport. I think I have everything. Can't wait to get on that plane to Hawaii. We will be staying at Turtle Bay on the North Shore, think I will like it.

Oh my, I nearly froze on the plane. Here we are heading to the tropics and it must have been 40 degrees in that plane. I had 3 of their wimpy blankets, long sleeve shirt and a sweater and was still cold! It was fantastic getting off. Warm breezes at last.

After getting the car we headed out to the North Shore and stopped by the Dole Pineapple Plantation, really just a big tourist trap, but time for a pineapple smoothie and some coconut-mac cookies. You could spend a fortune in this place, everything you can imagine from food that has pineapple somewhere in it to every trinket that could be possibly identified as Hawaiian (many made in China) is here. You also have to fight the bus loads of people from the tours, but we kind of like it.

We took our time and stopped at some of the beaches to enjoy the big surf. It was so beautiful. I feel the stress falling away.
We checked in and love it here. It is just magnicificant!

We spent the afternoon walking around, sitting on the edge of water and watching the sunset. So beautiful. I really think Hawaiian sunsets are the very best.

For Dinner we walked to a restaurant on the sand, open walls so nothing is between you and the ocean called Ola. The food was absolutely fantastic. Both of us almost licked our plates clean. We will go back there again!

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