Saturday, August 29, 2009

A night under the stars

We had a fun night last night. Maren Romney got married and we went to her reception. It was in their backyard. It had been extremely hot durning the day, but cooled off just right for the evening. They had set up a million candles on tables, in trees, down walkways and it just sparkled. They had a full size band, all members of the church, playing and it was just great! Pres. Haynie was on the drums! Didn't even know he played! Just loved it. I am sure they switched to pop music after we left because they had a DJ set up. It was really fun relaxing under the stars visiting with friends. Of course, we couldn't eat anything. The only temptation for me was wedding cake. I really love wedding cake. The very sad part - I gained 1.5 lbs this morning and no cake. Not fair! Jim is really doing well, his Santa belly is almost gone. Why is it so much easier for men? I am committed even if it is going to take me twice as long. Dad booked a trip to Hawaii in February and I want to be smaller by then. Our Hawaii miles were about to expire and we didn't want to lose our free trip, so we will be enjoying ourselves courtesy of Hawaiian Air, hooray!


Weston Family said...

Sounds like a fun reception. I understand Deb was there. How is she? Keep going with the behavior modification. I didn't eat desserts at functions for a long time. I gave the chocolate I got in RS today to Bruce. It gets easier. Love you.

Ginger said...

Yes, Deb was there and she is doing great. Will be home by Thanksgiving. I am saving a place for her in RS. I would never give my chocolate away.