Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where are you?

Ok, ok, I know everyone loves facebook, and you are all spending too much time on it. But you got me into this blog stuff and I want to know what is really going on in everyone's life. So take a day off facebook and post on your blog at least once a week! If you don't my pool is no longer available!!!! Really, I mean it. Facebook is fine for a quick update, but it not nearly as interesting as your blogs. And I hope it never is, you shouldn't be saying the things on facebook you say on the blog. The blog is more like a personal journal and facebook is more like Hi. I want to see your blogs, I really don't care if your friends are giving you animals for your farm or playing Mafia with you. I want to know about you and your families.

I have been crazy busy in the last few months. Lots of new escrows with both buyers and sellers. I don't think this is going to last so I am pushing as hard as I can while the opportunity is here. I am very worried about the economy in the next year or two. There is no way a gov't can sustain a 9 trillion dollar debt. Things are going to get bad. I am grateful most of you have secure jobs.

I really think this is the time to stock up on food. Food prices are going to rise sharply next year. A good way to start is buy one extra a week. One extra can, one extra flour, or 1 extra frozen vegetable if you have a freezer. You will be surprised at how quick it all adds up. And you won't even notice that you are spending the money. Don't buy a small can, buy the big size. Just buy one more of something you are already buying. Also, be sure to store water. It is the most important of all.

Jim and I are both losing weight, his is quick but mine is slow and steady. No one has told me it looks like I am losing weight, but I can feel it in my clothes. It is painful and I wish it was easier. But we are determined.


Shelli said...

Sorry, Mom -- I've been planning on catching up once things settle down and we're back into a routine. Things have been CRAZY around here!

Hey, I guess we are the ones who don't quite fit into the "secure jobs" category, eh? We are doing well, though, so don't worry!

Vidal's Nest said...

Yeah, I have been wanting to blog, but can't find the memory card with the pictures. Then I am kinda nutso right now so not really sure what to blog about. Will get on it again though!
Glad to hear work is good. I agree with you about the food. It kinda scares me and I have been telling tony He needs to make me a food storage space.

Lynda said...

I absolutely second your sentiments! In regards to the bloging and everything else. We've been watching the economy deteriorate up here for about 4 or 5 years now. It's crazy scary.
So what are you and Jim doing to lose weight? It is painful!!! Are you doing an organized eating plan or just cutting back on food and calories?
How's Jim doing healthwise? Why doesn't he blog too???
Love you and really glad you're busy!

Kricket said...

Haha..."mafia"...that's too funny. I couldn't agree with you more. I don't like Facebook for exactly the reasons you're complaining about. I know ppl are really into it and like it for networking (it is good for that) but I'd much rather hear what's going on in detail.


I know, I know. I really do love blogging but our Mac makes it super easy to upload pictures. I am so behind, but I will catch up one of these days! Ha!