Monday, February 16, 2009

My new assignment

I have a part of an amazing new program. Elder Perry came up with this plan for California, and especially San Diego. They have done pilot programs to see how it works in other areas before giving it to us. I imagine it will go across the US before too long.

I attended a meeting for Bishops, High Priest Group Leaders, Elders Quorum Pres. and Relief Society Pres. We had people from Orange County as well as San Diego County so the room was packed. It was given by 2 Gen. Authorities. It was special just to be included. I was given the assignment to find 5 people who would want to commit to take the missionary lessons. Since I am pretty private about my beliefs I was a little afraid to do this. However, the promise was that if I would just be the messenger the Lord would do the rest. So I had my Presidency pray with me for 5 names. Together we came up with 5 people. We then spent 2 weeks praying, fasting and taking these names to the temple. We still felt they were the ones we needed to speak to.

My next challenge was to make the call. For the first one, I went with Billye (my sec) and we visited with a lady we had never met. As soon as I told her we had been praying for her, she burst into tears. I told her the Lord had sent us there to let her know He cared about her and had blessings waiting for her. The feeling was so strong. She agreed this was just what she needed in her life. Her husband then came in and I also asked him if he would meet with the missionaries. I told him this family can’t do this without him. He also was touched and looked at his wife and said, “I think I am ready.” Wow! The feeling of love in that room was amazing. Billye and I left overwhelmed at the privilege of being the messenger.

I went to another family with Jim and gave the same message with a slight twist. I felt prompted to tell them the time is now, not next week, not next month, not next year, but now. I was very bold. They were also in tears. The wife from beginning to end. The husband less so. He told me they like to do things in their own time and own way. I told them to pray and I would continue to pray also. I wasn’t sure if they would accept or not. This last Sunday right after the sacrament was passed, I turned around and they were coming in for the meeting. I was so touched; it was overwhelming to see them there. The missionaries are stopping by their house this week.

So far 3 have been called (my 3rd is a family with 3 kids, they were at church Sunday and meeting with the missionaries tonight) and I will see the other 2 this week. I can hardly wait. This will be an ongoing project for me. When one drops off, I will find another one. It is really a spiritual experience.

When I thought of how much my life has been blessed by my membership in The Church, how could I not want others to experience that as well. Maybe next step will be those people I already love.

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Weston Family said...

What a tremendous experience! You are in Deb's realm now - better start swearing or you're going to be translated! I love your bold obedience.