Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fridays with Jim and Ginger

This Friday we did something different! We went to the San Diego Opera and saw Don Quixote. It was fun getting all dressed up and having a night on the town. Don Quixote is a spanish opera but they have english sub titles so you know what's going on. The opera stage was really well done. The orchastra was wonderful. The costumes and scenery were exceptional. I expecially liked the windmill scene. However, Don Quixote is a very, very slow moving opera. Don Quixote does most of the singing and there is not too much action, at least not in the first half. There were quite a few people around us that were sleeping.
The second half? Not sure, we left during intermission. We decided we could stay or go get a bite to eat. The stomach won that argument. We just barely made it to Anthony's before they closed. We had a window seat with the spectacular view. I just had a cup of chowder and a shrimp & crap cocktail since it was so late. It was the perfect meal and a great way to end a fun evening.



The coctail must have been pretty nasty for you to call it crap. ;-) Too bad the opera wasn't very good. We loved it when we saw Turandot. It was a million times better than I expected. You know it's bad when a bun h of people start sleeping!

kristifritzel said...

shrimp and crap cocktail? At least you've moved up from poop on toast! Course I suppose they wouldn't serve that at a fancy restaurant. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the show. But at least you had fun.

Catherine said...

Oh, so funny, the shrimp & crap cocktail is the thing that really stood out!
Miss you all!