Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching Up

It has been a busy two weeks for me, with little time to share on the blog. I will try to catch everyone up in the next few days. It is now Sunday evening, and I am collapsed with exhaustion. My thoughts are just a little jumbled but they are good thoughts.

Today I started my meetings at 7:30 with Ward Counsel, Sacrament at 9:00. I was asked to speak in the other ward with the High Counsel speaker at 11:00. That meant I was going to have to miss Relief Society. I rushed to get everything set up before I left for the chapel. I walk up to the stand and didn't see Bro. Alires, my companion speaker. Instead Bro. Gonsales was on the stand. The meeting was just about to start and I noticed everyone giving me a strange look, like 'what are you doing?' I grabbed a program and my name was not on it. Embarrassed and red faced, I left with no idea where I should be. Jim found me coming out of the chapel and went inside to ask Bro. Gonsales where I was suppose to be. Well.... my assignment was not until 1:00. I was in the wrong ward. They gave me the wrong time.

I then went back to Relief Society and had to hang out at church until 1:00 since I was low on gas and didn't want to chance on it. I spoke on prayer and think it went pretty good. A lady came up to me in tears at the end and thanked me for my talk. I think that is a good sign. It was a good Sunday even if I am tired.

Last night we were invited to our neighbors Tom and Delayne for dinner. They also invited our other neighbors Denny and Linda. It was a fun night with good food. I had the dessert assignment and made lemon meringue pies. And they were fabulous! So incredibly good I was so proud. I am going to post step by step directions so you can make one too. You won't be disappointed. It made for a good Valentine's Day


The Northwest Bunch said...

look on the bright side you could have missed your talk completely. I am glad that you were able to touch someones heart. You are so fabulous about bringing the spirit into the room. Enjoy your week!!!

Shelli said...

Wish I could have been there! I'm glad you enjoyed your Valentine's Day, too.

sherry said...

Hey, that last paragraph sounds like you met with my parents if you say it out loud. Tom and Delayne. Tom and Elaine. Go on, try it;)