Friday, January 8, 2010

Weight Loss Blues!

We now have a family and friends biggest loser contest going. Anyone who wants can join us for the entry fee of $25.00. So Jim and I are going to be participants. We both started back on our diets on Monday. I am losing at my snails pace, but Jim is going like crazy. He is dropping so much weight it is amazing. His stomach is already flatter. How can that be? My butt is the same size. I do not think this is fair. There must be a product on the market that lets girls lose as easily as boys, but I don't want to get a hairy chest in the process.

The good news is he bought a George Foreman grill which makes really good chicken and even fish. It also doesn't mess up the stove. Send me any great recipes for dieting. But I only want them if they are great! Nothing mediocre. I get no carbs, no sugar and no dairy. I'm not sure anything good tasting exists without butter. But I am staying with it. At least until we go to Hawaii, then we'll see.


Lynda said...

I'd like to tell you that there is a product out there that will make us lose faster than they do. Real truth is that there is no such animal. They lose faster not only cause they are generally bigger, but also because they have more muscle mass and it uses more calories to move them. dadgumit.
No carbs at all? Not even fruits and veggies?
I'll look for something, but if all you're eating is meat, then there's only so much you can do...
love you. Being healthy is totally worth it I hope!

Amanda said...

i LOVE my george foreman! we've had it for years and it does make the best chicken! except cleaning mine sucks since its so old. now i need to talk josh into getting a new one with removable plates so they wash easier. anyways... when i cook chicken on it i just season it with garlic salt and pepper, another one is lemon pepper. sometimes i'll mix it up with onion salt and garlic powder. i don't know what your diet says about spices but that's what i do. and i don't cook fish. Love Ya!