Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Working!

At last! I am finally seeing some action at work! I have alot of things going on ( said with a happy circular hand motion)! I have 2 escrows, and will be listing 3 houses this week. One of the houses has been on the market for 3 months with another Realtor, so I hope it sells. I think if I get them to come down on the price it should sell. It hasn't been like this for a very long time. I am really scrambling to get everything done. And to add to the fun, I have 2 short sales that need immediate attention first thing in the morning. Not to worry, I will get it all done.

Tuesday is our RS Birthday enrichment and I am the concluding speaker. I really need to get my act together for that. I am drawing a blank on this one. I would like to say something meaningful that will add to the meeting, I hate boring. But at this stage of the game I just don't know what to do. I am hoping I will be hit with a lightening bolt and get an idea.

I went to a cooking class last week on sauces, taught by Deborah Haynie. It was so good. I have tried both her salmon and chicken recipes at home and loved it. It was so easy to do, but had a real gourmet taste to it. She also showed us how to do Alfredo sauce and that will be next on my list. I will post the recipes when I get a chance. We have great enrichment activities in our ward. You are really glad you are there.

Other than church and work it is pretty quiet here. I think that is a good thing. I am still having tests done for my tummy. They are going to stick a scope down my gut on Thursday, hope they see something. It is probably just that I need to quit the Diet Coke. I know it is coming, but I am not looking forward to it. I really like my sodas! The Dr. would also like me to lose some weight, I will as soon as I am tired of making Alfredo sauce and salmon and chicken smothered in sauce. It shouldn't be too long.


Mike, Suzann and Family said...

Glad to hear things are getting busier for you. :) Let us know if you need help with anything. love you!

Shelli said...

I'm happy for you, too! I hope the doctors figure out what's wrong with you. Dad was asking when we can come down to visit. Are you planning an Easter egg hunt for the Saturday before Easter? I can make it for that, if you're doing it. Also, I'll have to come down at least once while the kids are on spring break, or they'll kill me! We miss seeing you!

Kricket said...

I'm sure whatever you say on Tuesday will be awesome as usual! I'm really glad things have picked up at work. My in-laws are coming this Thursday and I think they want to look at house with you. :P

kristifritzel said...

Yay for the work! Rememberto ask the Dr about that ERCP. Let me know how it goes. I wish I could go to the Drs with you!