Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

I am so busy I haven't had time to post. What a busy week. On Monday I had our office cookie exchange and it was so fun. Great brunch and good cookies. I am putting my recipe on the side bar. It was extremely easy to make and so good. I think it is my new favorite for cookie exchanges.

Next was a goodbye luncheon for Marilee. She is moving to Tucson, AZ. I am going to miss her so much. Not only was she my counselor but one of my closest friends. I try not to think about her being gone, it will be hard not having her nearby. I have grown to really depend on her wisdom and humor. It just won't be the same without her. I am sure this is a good move for her family but we are going to miss her. However, the luncheon was a huge success, even though the rain was an unbelievable downpour.

I made sugared pecans (about 6 lbs) to give as gifts for friends. They were also easy to make, delicious and look good. I hope everyone enjoys receiving them. I still have toffee and fudge to make then most of my Christmas treats will be done. I think that will be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Woke up at 4:00 in the morning on Saturday with a million things running through my mind. I couldn't sleep so got up wrapped presents, boxed them up to send (they are in the mail) then wrote my talk. I had everything I needed to do done by noon. What a great feeling. I was the only speaker for sacrament today. Huge responsibility, lots of stress but I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. That really left me exhausted.

I also had 2 escrows last week (Yeah!!!) but one of them was a foreclosure and nothing but trouble. I spent hours and hours on it and it still hasn't closed. At least there will be a small pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

All I have left is a few presents for Jim and then the cooking for the dinner. Merry Christmas!



I would have loved to hear your talk. Brent spoke as well and did a great job. I am jealous of everyone's yummy cookies! I am afraid that baking has been the one thing that is just not happening this year for us!

Shelli said...

Yay for the escrows! And during Christmas, too -- can't wait for the New Year!

For the record, I thought about you on your birthday while driving in the car. And then it slipped my all-too-slippery-these-days mind once I was home! But, I hope Dad spoiled you and that you had a great day!

Can't wait for Christmas Eve!

Amanda said...

Mmm.... cookies, i'm so jealous with everyones cookie exchange. I miss that.

Nutsonurse said...

I bet your talk was awesome. Our package just arrived today. I am grateful for whatever is in it.....however....nothing felt like a fruitcake! What's up?

Kricket said...

Your talk was amazing! You never fail to make me cry like a baby. I swear, every time you talk I break down in tears. You did such a great job! I really love it when you speak. I was soooo glad to see it was just you on the program. :P Love you!

Weston Family said...

Thank you for the kind words, Ginger. Love you, Marilee

Weston Family said...

Oh, and we'd like a copy of the talk so we can cry, too.

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