Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garden of Innocence

These are the results of our Enrichment Night which included making coffins for the Garden of Innocence. They are an organization that provides a dignified burial for abandoned babies. In addition the the caskets, complete with 2 homemake blankets, toy and poem, they give the baby a name and hold a memorial service. It was a wonderful feeling to know you were doing something that counts.
We made 8 in all. This is Elissa, the founder of the organization, Nick, it was his eagle scout project; he built the caskets and Katherine who organized the rest for her Laurel project

I thought mine turned out great.


Vidal's Nest said...

That is a neat project but how sad! I just can't imagine someone abandoning their baby. Does it happen enough to need 8? I hope not. I hope those are just extras!

James said...

They need many, many more. Interesting world we live in.


It is heart breaking to think of all the babies that no one wants. I can't imagine not wanting a baby that has grown in my belly. I feel so much love for them long before I ever see them.

Do you still need poems? I thought about announcing it in Relief Society. Let me know and I will. We have some creative women in our ward.