Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have been thinking about a comment on Lauri's blog for a few days and decided to share my thoughts on the subject here. On Lauri's blog she said, "My mother in law has brought this up. Turn it over to Christ she tells me. Allow the atonement to work. Do we Suffer needlessly because we don't turn our hearts over to the healing power of the Lord? So, what exactly does that mean? Christ died for us. He has felt my suffering and pain. He atoned for it. He has promised us “I will … ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that … you cannot feel them … ; and this will I do … that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.” While this is a comforting thought I ask what does it mean exactly to allow the atonement to work for me? Is it faith?"

I think this is one of the great questions of life. It is so hard to comprehend how this can be possible. I read a book a while ago from Stephen Robinson called, "Believing Christ". His premise was, yes we believe in Christ, but do we believe Christ. It's easy to say, he is our Savior, he died for our sins, we believe in the atonement...but do we really believe Christ. Do we believe him when he says he paid the price for our sins? If so when we repent of our sins, are we able to let go of them and see ourselves as pure and worthy of all the blessings he has to offer or do we compare ourselves to others. So often not measuring up. To be able to actually turn our pain and problems over to Christ takes some practice. Again do you believe he will accept them? It takes time to establish that level of faith and trust.

To do so you begin with prayer, daily personal prayer. I like to start my prayers with , "Father are you there" and wait to speak until I feel his presence. It is amazing to me, but I have never not felt his presence when I begin a prayer this way. Sometimes it takes a few minutes but it always happens.

The next step is scripture reading. I know studying is better, but it is amazing how beneficial just one verse of scripture a day can be. If you are having a hard time reading try just a little bit and build on.

The last thing that helps me is to attend the temple. The temple is such a peaceful place and it is so nice to have a place that is away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. I am always renewed after I go.

Last of all, this is a line upon line, step by step process that continues throughout your life. It doesn't matter if you have perfected your relationship with Christ. The question should be, are you closer this month than you were last month?



Brent and I went to the temple on Saturday. We had to wake-up at 5am! I was miserable at first but being there brought so much peace. I cannot go without feeling my Father's great love for me! As for faith, I think that it is something that takes a lifetime to really get. We believe we are saved by faith and works. We get it that we have to have good works until we die but I think the faith part can be harder. It is really a process.

Vidal's Nest said...

I appriciate the insight. When I met with my bishop and explained Depression is so bad I have a hard time leaving the house for fear of having to talk with people he told me I needed counseling to help with the notion of needing to be perfect and I needed to allow the atononment to work for me. I was irritated thinking~ what? How will that help me with this? And I thought I have always heard people talk about the atonement but I never really understood how to make it personal.
I have been reading conference talks and it has given me some clarity too. I can see now as I have read them that satan has the goal of undermining my self confidence, creating fear and feelings of despair. If I pray I can recieve personal revelation that My Savior can heal me through the atonment. It has given me a feeling of peace these past few days. I feel as if it is a part of what has been missing.
I have started personal prayer and reading my scriptures and this is something I have NEVER done! At least not together. In the past when I read I couldn't focus, and I had a hard time understanding. I have been able to not only read but to actually find some passages that help.Feeling this I realize you are right. It starts with personal prayer and reading the scriptures. The common thing I found in many articles are just as you said. Line upon line. Ask, ponder, pray.
I take comfort that time and time again I see testimony that If I do that I can be helped. I can also heal, spiritually and physically.I feel hopeful and that is a good change!
I just felt kind of stupid asking the question it seemed everyone eles knew the answer to but me!
Thanks again for the clarity

goingsome said...

Nice advice. I like the line "Father are you there" and wait to speak until I feel his presence." Nicely put. Sometimes we all need to reach to each other for advice. It gives us clairty when we hear other speak it. Way to go Mom!!!