Monday, August 11, 2008

Feel like poetry writing?

I need a few poems and I am not very good at writing them, in fact I am terrible. So I am seeing if any of you would like to participate.

We have a young man and young woman in our ward who is doing their eagle project and her Laurel project together. It was my suggestion, so I feel a little responsible to help them.

This is becoming a nationwide program so you may have heard of it in your area. This project is called The Garden of Innocence. It is an non-profit organisation that provides coffins for abandoned babies who have died and would not have a proper and loving burial. Sometimes the babies are found abandoned, but most are babies that are born with defects and do not live. When the parents find out the baby won't live they just leave them in the hospital and never come back. Upon the death of the baby the hospital then turns them over to the county as abandoned. The Garden of Innocence provides each baby with a casket (made by the eagle scout project), lined with flannel (Laurel project) and then the baby is given a name, a personal poem is placed in the coffin along with a stuffed animal. A local cemetery has provided a special section for these babies.

It is a wonderful project, the eagle scout collects money for the wood and has someone help him build them. They are about 12 inches by 24 inches. Even though they are plain, they are beautiful after sanding and staining. Then they are lined with baby flannel and really look special.

If any of you would like to send me a poem to put in the casket send it on the blog. We are doing 15, but there are over a hundred needed, so the poems will all be used.


The Northwest Bunch said...

Do they have to originals or can they be ones we find in books? Let me know because that is a very special project.

Ginger said...

They are looking for originals but a meaningful poem that is not original would be OK.