Thursday, July 31, 2008

All in a day's work

What an interesting day I had yesterday! I received a lead for a new buyer who was leaving the next day. He was from Texas and wanted a house he and his wife could live in while visiting their children. But, he only wanted bank owned properties, on the coast, for under $500,000. Well, there were 5 that fit that description. As we drove around looking he realized they were dogs. Totally trashed, one even had the sinks and toilets removed. He soon came to the conclusion that it was going to take a whole lot of money to fix them up. Next we looked at condo's. Some good buys, but he finally found a fixer in not too bad shape. We spent the entire day looking. But at least I think he is going to buy.

So I am told they want to think about it and could we meet back at the property at 7:00, it is now 4:00, but I said OK. I get there early. The condo units (about 6 condos) are surrounded by tall trees and lots of heavy brush and bushes. Very dense, kind of like being out in the forest, except for the freeway noise. All of a sudden while I am standing alone in the parking lot, a helicopter starts circling over my head. They are saying, "We are looking for a robbery suspect. White male with a shaved head." I immediately get back in my car and lock the doors. The cops keep circling. I decide it would be safer if I go inside the house (it is vacant). I dig in my purse, but no lockbox key. I search the car, but no key. I now remember I left it on my desk at home. Not only can't I get in, but the buyer can't get in either. Just as I make this realization the buyers get there. Husband, wife, son and twins, aged 19 months. We stand in the parking lot and I explain they can't get in but I have a contract ready to sign.

They are irritated but say OK after they walk around the outside. It is now dusk, but you can still see if you peek in the windows. All of a sudden, up comes the helicopter, " We are looking for a robbery suspect, white male, shaved head, white T-shirt, hands cuffed in front of him." Over and over, round and round they go. It is so loud we can not hear one another. The babies start to cry and the wife is scarred. But the husband is determined to look in the windows. This goes on forever. Then we hear from above, "Tracy Lyon give up, don't make us send the dogs in! Come out now and surrender to the police officer and you won't have to go to the hospital." Police officer? All we see is a helicopter directly overhead. This goes on the entire time we are filling out and signing the contract. Finally the helicopter leaves, I assume Tracy didn't want to see the dogs. It's about 8:30 now. I have an offer for the condo. The buyers who are slightly shook up along with their screaming babies finally leave.

And I go home with my offer. The offer- $301,000. The asking price - $439,000. Oh yeah, that's going to happen! When monkeys fly........(you know the rest). Oh the glamor of it all.
A day in the life of a Realtor.


Amanda said...

Wow!! What a day indeed! LOL

Vidal's Nest said...

Reality check folks...This IS California,you know that right??
Surprised they found a fixer at that price!

Shelli said...

You make my days parenting six kids seem boring in comparison! You may not get the sale, but at least you get a good story from it!


Tracy Lyon? Come on Mom, fess up! ;-) Glad that people are keeping you busy while Dad is out of town. With all of these great buyers, you will never have to worry about getting too much rest!

goingsome said...

Oh, how funny. Did they really think they would take the offer seriously??? I am still giggling. Cute story.