Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home again

We are now home and wishing we weren't. We had a fun trip to Lauri's in AZ. We left on Thursday and drove. It was a pleasant trip, very ugly, but nice and slow. Best of all - my phone wasn't working most of the trip.
Friday we went to Zach's football game. They lost but Zach did great. He is one of the biggest boys on the team. How did he grow up so fast? After the game we went to dinner with everyone including Zach's girlfriend Lauren. She was a delight. Sweet, kind and beautiful. Also a cheerleader, but we won't hold that against her. I think Zach will hold on to her as long as he can. She says she will wait until after his mission. It will be interesting to see. She would be a good addition to the family, but since he is only 17 a lot of things can change.
Saturday we went to Cracker Barrel for their fantastic breakfast. I wish we had one here, but I would weigh 300 lbs if we did. Afterward I went shopping first with Rachelle and then Lauri. It was fun and we found some cute things. Lauri needed a dress for Eric's wedding and she found a perfect one. She looks fabulous in it.


Kricket said...

I'm glad you took some pictures of the baby. She looks so cute! Also, I'm glad your phone was working most of the time. I can totally relate to that. Its nice just to get away from everything now and again.


How fun! I wish you could come visit me more. The drive would be much more lovely to get out here, especially through West Virginia. Unfortunately, once you got here, you would have to go right back. We are definitely coming out this summer. What a blessing for Lauri and her family to be so close to you guys!