Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is it week's end or week's beginning

Not quite sure if today is the end of my week or the beginning of the new one. I don't think I am up to dealing with a new week, so I'll report on the last one. Kristi and family left yesterday. We will miss them. Betty Boop is really mopping around. She misses Shawn. They were the best of buddies and it was so cute. Avery and Mckenna had a great visit and didn't want to leave(I love that). I really wish I could just travel and visit a different family every month. It seems like once a year is not enough. We loved our time with them.

It is crazy busy at work. Don't know how long it will last so I can't complain. I would rather be busy than have nothing to do. I have several new listings that should sell, so I am hoping for a little future business. As long as interest stays low, it should be good.

I am doing quite well on my diet, although I can't see a change, the scale is moving. Finally in the right direction. I think I am losing it all over since my clothes don't feel that much different. Although I do remember wanting to wear my fat pants a few days last month. You know, the baggy ones with elastic?

I went to a seminar on social networking all about how to use facebook, twitter and blogs. I am motivated to at least give it a try. Stay tuned, we'll see how I do.


Kricket said...

Woohoo! Go mom jeans! lol I'm glad you had a minute to update your blog. I miss you.


We love to visit! It is so much fun. I am so glad that you and Kristi's family had such a great time. I would love for you to come and visit us more often. It was so delightful. Hope this week isn't too awful.