Monday, July 20, 2009

The fattening week

Oh yes, I am going to gain some weight this week! I feel it coming, I can't stop it. May as well just accept the inevitable. Today I have a 3 hour lunch at a good restaurant downtown. So of course, I will be eating. Tomorrow I am going to lunch with Cathy Grey and Kelly Chapman, that should be fun, I see Cathy regularly but seldom get together with Kelly. Wednesday is a special business meeting to teach me social networking at the Rancho Bernard Inn, breakfast included. Then my vacation starts on Thursday and I plan to spend a lot of time laying around and doing nothing, especially nothing that makes me sweat. I will diet in August or maybe September. If I have time I am going shopping for Muumuu's, that should solve the problem.



Good luck! We are trying to diet and it is killing me! I hate it. I just want to hide in a corner with a bunch of cupcakes and go crazy. I wish I could catch one of those crazy worms that let you eat like crazy and not gain any weight. Not really but I wish I could eat as much junk food as I want. Yummy!

Lynda said...

Hope you enjoy the eating! If you get a mumumuu with big giant flowers right on the butt checks no one will see the rest! ROFLOL

Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like you'll have a house full.

Weston Family said...

Remember - life is short but can be ever so wide. Love you.