Saturday, May 9, 2009

My brief update

Outside my window the sun is shinning and the birds are singing, the hummingbirds are buzzing around the feeders, fighting over the best spot. The roses are blooming and the smell is spilling through the open window.
I am thinking about getting ready for Cassia's wedding. There is alot of things to be done, both in the house and in the yard. I wish I hadn't procrastinated on some of these little things, one by one they are easy, but together they are a project.
I am thankful for the joy of being a mother. With Mother's Day tomorrow, my thoughts keep going to how much having children blessed my life. I can honestly say I love every minute of being a mother. Too bad they had to grow up. But even that is good.
From my kitchen not much is going on today, but yesterday Jim made a fantastic cobbler from a new recipe, it used self rising flour and he used fresh berries. Yummy.
I am wearing my favorite shorts and T-shirt. I will change later to show property, but I love it when I can just veg out.
I am creating a new baby blanket. I finished Zoey's and it will be in the mail soon. I also finished a cute blue one with a hood. I am doing an alphabet one this time in blue.
I went to the doctor this week for more tests. Upper GI, barium drinking, horrible. They want me to do surgery. I keep cancelling the appointment with the surgeon, I am going to try to put it off until September.
I am reading "The Infinite Atonement". It is a slow read, with lots of wonderful thoughts. I am enjoying it and will probably re-read it and underline the key points when I do. It has made me very grateful for the atonement of Christ which I am just beginning to fully understand.
I am hoping that my business will continue to pick up. I have been busy and that is a good thing. I am actually amazed at how much work I have right now.
I am hearing nothing. So quiet. I am alone. It is wonderful, no TV, no radio, just quiet.
Around the house it is delightful. Alma and Inez were here this week so everything sparkles. I love it when they come, wish it was more often.
One of my favorite things is watching TV. I am loving Idol, loving,loving,loving 24 and also The Amazing Race and yes, The Next Top Model and of course Survivor. I know summer reruns are just around the corner, but I am loving it right now.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Since today is Saturday, it is going to be next week. I am concentrating on the Living Room, including painting and a new light fixture and also the front yard touch up. I am also redesigning my car signs and making some changes in my marketing.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing: Imagine Dad sleeping with his new sleep mask on, looks kind of like a snorkel, goes over his mouth and nose, has a long hose and hooks up to a machine. I don't know whether to put on a nightie or a swimsuit.


Kricket said...

Haha. I love the imagery of Jim in his SCUBA gear. Your post was great. I really need to think about the things for which I'm grateful.

Lynda said...

What are they saying about you putting off the surgery? I NEED you around. If it's going to be a problem, JUST DO IT!!!! PLEASE!~

Jim has sleep apnea now? Like I siad in my comments to Kristi, it's a good thing. I feel soooo much better with the cpap I can't evern begin to say.

Love you. Take care of yourself. Don't put things off until they are worse. We need you up and running and being Ginger!

Weston Family said...

Aw, what a life. It's the moment, isnt' it? BTW, get the surgery done, woman! Love, Marilee