Tuesday, February 3, 2009

52 Blessing Project Weeks 4&5

Opps! I am getting behind! I was going to be so good this year. I really have been grateful for my blessings but I have been so busy and have not taken the time to sit down and write. This week I am grateful for prayer. It is so hard being far away from those I love, especially when they need me. I wish I was independently wealthy and I could just hop on an airplane and go whenever the mood struck me.

So many things have happened, Julie having a stroke and not knowing what is wrong, Amanda having her baby early, Dani and Sammy back in the hospital with such a scare, Lauri sicker than a dog (she's also in the hospital, trying to get fluids into her). I worry about how everyone is making it in this economy. And then there are baby blessings I am missing and just wanting to see everyone again. Sometimes I feel helpless and unable to do much.

I have found great comfort and joy in taking these and many other problems to the Lord. It really is a 'Sweet Hour of Prayer', although for me it is 'Sweet Minutes of Prayer'. I have been amazed at how well everyone is doing. Prayers have been answered and one by one, each is improving. I am also overwhelmed with the peace I feel. I take comfort in the promise given by Jeffrey Holland, "The Lord has said, He would fight our battles, our children's battles and the battles of our children's children." I think I will turn it over to the Lord.

My part is prayer.

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Shelli said...

Thank you for your prayers, Mom -- maybe that's why our business is still afloat?