Tuesday, January 20, 2009

52 Blessing Project - Week 3

There are so many things I consider a blessing in my life right now, it was hard to pick one thing. But it became easy when I really stopped to think about it. This week I am grateful for toilets that work. Now, this is not something that normally crosses my radar. But after months of putting up with a handle that had to be held down, and another one that ran continually I had a mini hissy fit and voila! Jim finally fixed them. Wow! You can flush and walk away and be confident the next time you return there will not be a surprise.
It doesn't take much to make me happy.

This blessing was reinforced as I was sitting in the parking lot at work when a middle age man came out of the office, walked over to where I was sitting in my car and peed on the the bushes! I was horrified! What should I do? Do I watch? Do I laugh? Do I honk the horn? No I did nothing. I was so afraid he would turn around and flash me, I didn't want to see anything. I keep my eyes on the floor. But after he was in his car I gave him the evil eye. Don't think he cared. Now I know why the bushes aren't doing so well. It's not the lack of water.



He must have had a mother who was too lazy to take him back into the store when he was a kid and made him pee in the bushes. I will need to remind my kids that is only ok as a kid. Or I could just run them inside to pee!

Kricket said...

Was this someone who works in your office building or some transient? Maybe its a male marking thing.