Saturday, October 25, 2008

So depressed!

After a really fun Friday (I will post that after I feel better) I woke up this morning so depressed. I was watching a news show on TV (big mistake) and they were telling the latest results of the election. Not only is Obama going to win by a large margin but Prop 8 is probably going to lose.

I can't stand big government and McCain is too liberal for me, so Obama scares me to death. I think he is going to destroy the economy with his Robin Hood approach. If you take money from the small business owner to give to those not even paying taxes (I call that welfare) I will not be able to have an assistant. You see it is all about me!

Last night we watched Gray's Anatomy and I was sick. It was a tutorial on how to seduce a same sex relationship. If you don't know what to do- just watch this show!! I couldn't believe the total and complete lack of morality. I will not be watching that show anymore and I am afraid this is going to be the world we live in from now on. You parents are going to have to be on guard for the evil that your children are exposed to.

I knew the world was going to get worse, all prophecies say it is so, but I didn't want to have to watch it happen. Just a few days ago I said, "How much worse can it get?" I don't really want to know that answer.


Shelli said...

I'm feeling just the same way! This is he world we live in, and it is tough being a mom knowing your kids are out there in the middle of it every day. In spite of all the prophecies, I still feel unprepared. I guess I just have to have faith in my kids, knowing who they were before they ever got to my arms.

All I can hope for on the political front is that Obama pulls a Jimmy Carter, and we can be done with him in 4 years, then Mitt Romney can swoop in and save our country!

I'm also hoping that the prop 8 polls are just as bad as the prop 22 polls were back in the day. It has been so sad working on the campaign, though. I'll be happy when the election is over.

The Northwest Bunch said...

I was going to blog about a boycott on Gray's Anatomy. I was so sick out by the whole episode that I had Jim take it off the shows to be recorded. I could not believe that they were able to put that on TV. It was sick and wrong!!! It is going to come down to watching nothing on TV. This is so sad.

Sometimes polls only reflect those that they are polling. George W. Bush was not the one they predicted to win and look we had him for 8 years. You can tell that the media has a huge roll in the voting process but it does not always reflect the people.

We live in a world that is not pretty. It is a scary place to be in right now. I do not want you to be depressed. We know that times will get worse and that we will need the strength of each to prevail. We need you!!!

The Northwest Bunch said...

I posted to soon and there is a few mistakes in grammar, Sorry!!!

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

It is really true that the world is getting to be a scary place. But then you look at the video of the Dani's kids playing in the leaves.... or at the pictures of the cousins together at Bates Nut Farm... And you start to feel like everything will be okay. We just need to stick together. The other day I got into to the car. We were driving to school and I was totally lost in my own thoughts.. Not really paying attention to what the kids were doing. All of a sudden the car erupted in laughter. Total belly laughs from all 4 of them. I couldn't even tell you what started the giggle fest, but I didn't care! It made my day! There is nothing better then hearing your children laugh.. Not only laugh, but laugh with each other!

goingsome said...

You never know what the elections will hold. It is never over until all votes are counted. Heck look at the last election, which was a close one. Keep the faith and hopeful we pull a "hope and a pray" and pull it through. I know the world we live in is different than 30 years ago. It concerns me, but the kids make it worth it and we hope that we have done a good job at home, though scary times are ahead, unfortunately.


It is frightening with all the mess around us. I sometimes feel so discouraged about how callous we have become as a nation. Abortion has been my big issue lately. Obama is OK with letting a baby die alone that is born from a botched abortion. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Somewhere near 90% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted. I heard on the radio that more black babies are aborted in New York than born. When did this become OK?!

I feel sickened and saddened to think that this is the world that I have to raise my sweet babies in. Then I look at who they are and I feel better. Emma is personally acquainted with Jesus and talks with him daily. Ruthie teaches her friends about the word of wisdom and modesty. It is her personal mission to get them all on the right path. JR loves his scriptures and reads them almost daily. These are our Latter-Day Warriors. They are standing, looking up at the great and spacious building and not caring about the mockery of what we hold dear. They love the truth. They really and truly are trying to be like Jesus.

So, horrible election outcome or not, we still have hope. Look at the army your posterity alone is. We just have to do as the hymn tells us "Let Us All Press On"!

Vidal's Nest said...

I hear ya! We have banned Grey's Anatomy too! It is sick!

Kricket said...

Hey, I think Prop 8 will pass! We were out sign waving and there seemed to be a lot of support. Besides, you know the media is totally liberal. The LOVE to skew polls to show their winning.