Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where would I be without Jim?

This week I am grateful for my husband. This is probably the blessing I never take for granted. I am aware of how rich my life is because of him. Right now he is getting my big gulp to start the morning. It is 7:00 and I'm not even dressed yet. There are so many little acts of kindness he does for me. It just makes me love him more. It is so unusual for two people to have such a perfect fit. Even more amazing when you think how young we were when we got married. I was talking to a friend who was upset with her husband because he said some unkind things to her. He had apologized and said he didn't mean it, but she was still so upset. My advise to her was, "to let it go". She didn't really want to let it go since he hurt her feelings. She finally did come around to understanding how important it is not to obsess about things that happen. I think my letting go of the little things that irrate me or make me angry is something that has helped our relationship to be stronger. I love the phrase, "You can either be right or happy"! It is so true, you can't always have both. So I choose to be happy and I am delighted with the depth of the love that Jim and I share.


Amanda said...

You couldn't of said it better, whenever Josh says something that upsets me, I need a minute to myself so I don't say anything back, I need to be mad for a minute and then I'm fine, I hate being mad at him. What's the point. Although now that I'm pregnant, that gets a little harder. Your marriage is something that I hope I can acheive with my own.

Shelli said...

Right before I got married, Dad gave me a father's blessing. The only thing that stands out in my mind, and the thing that was most important to me then and now, was that he blessed me to have a marriage just like yours. I'm so glad I had your example to know what to look for ... and find!


I think that all of us have hoped for a marriage like yours. It is something that we all strive for. It was so safe knowing that you and dad loved each other and that it was forever. I am grateful for your example so that I can give my kids the same security. What a blessing temples are and the promises they hold!

Vidal's Nest said...

I think that growing up we all took notice and sought a person that could treat us as good as dad treats you!
Tony hated getting me a diet coke, and it just irritated him. I told him how my dad does it for my mom every day because he loves her so much. He stopped complaining and is pleased as punch with himself when he gets me a soda. He is pretty cute about it now and I appriciate that.
ne of our fav jokes is "You make the best toast!" A tribute to you and dad!
Thanks for the example you two have set. It's alot to live up to, but we try!