Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This week I am grateful for computers! Yes, they are both my curse and my blessing. I have 2 computers, one my desktop that I use for almost everything. It has a huge monitor so it is easy for me to see. My eyes are going, so sad, but it doesn't mean I am getting old; just need new glasses. Well, it was running slowly so I let Cowboy Dan (the computer guy), put in a new hard drive. All of a sudden it froze up and come to find out, he had to put the old hard drive back in and since I was using the new one for 6 weeks that meant I lost most of my data for those 6 weeks. Including my emails that I was saving and some other stuff I cant remember but know I will need in the very near future. Very irritating.

Then my other computer is a notebook, I use it for business and can't live without it. I discovered I couldn't use the notebook with Mircosoft Word, a big problem. I called Gateway, was put on hold a half hour, finally got someone, talked for a few minutes and was disconnected. I did this routine for several days, totaling up about 8 hours of being on hold with very bad music playing.

Well today I spent 2 hours on the phone with Mel, who has a very stong accent (Raheem is probably is real name). Hmmm.... could I be talking to India? But miracle of all miracles Mel was able to fix the problem. I take back all my bad thoughts of him. I am now up and running again and wondering how did I live without these machines? So if you are keeping score it is:


Shelli said...

I love your scorecard! I think Kyara gets her racism from you. LOL! Glad you got your computers up and running. Hey, Mom, are you hooked up to the new FamilySerch? Let me know, because I just logged in, and it is incredible! Love you!

goingsome said...

Oh you made me laugh. I can sooooo relate that it isn't funny. I was giggling the whole time. Thanks for the laugh!

Vidal's Nest said...

I get pissed just hearing the accent on the other line. makes me want to hang up.
I love my laptop and would probably cry if I didn't have it!